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♥Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jesus is the only way 2:18 AM

♥Thursday, October 15, 2009
YES!!!! Michael Jackson's exclusive "This Is It" movie is coming out on October 28!!! I'm gonna watch it! I'm gonna watch it! Anybody wanna come?

Jesus is the only way 12:22 AM

♥Thursday, September 10, 2009
As you can see, I'm not a very enthusiastic blogger... I hate typing.... But for the sake of keeping myself entertained, fine.

For the whole of this holiday so far, I've been doing my maths whenever I'm at home, which is only in the night time. Ahaha.

Monday night, I went to Sebas's house to watch Final Destination 3. It was nice but I wished the bad words and signs didn't keep coming out and there was this scene that stole my virginity again!!! But at least after the show, we decided that if we were to die so as to continue the flow of death, Joanne and I would die last. I hope we don't die in the sonar....

Tuesday, we planned a surprise party for Julian. it was really fun and his mom bought fries and nuggets! Yum.... After that, we played a bit of guitar hero. For some reason, not many people wanted to play so I operated the microphone and guitar at the same time with help from somebody holding the mike. We need a mike stand... After that, Julian's mom offered to give us a ride back to Rivervale Plaza for dinner. Mingli called shot gun for the BMW 1st series so Corine, Joanne and I sat behind. On the highway, Joanne's hair kept slapping me and I learnt how sunsilk hair tasted like. I also took a few photos of the ride. But Joanne beat me to uploading them on facebook....

Alright alright that's enough... The rest is confidential....

Jesus is the only way 3:53 AM

♥Friday, August 7, 2009
Today after school, Ganesh, Jacob, Clement, Dong Kee, Eugene, Elias and I went to Julian's house to play GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR. Julian and I were like the only two seniors who have played guitar heros so it was kinda hard to teach the rest. Ganesh GAME OVERed in 4 seconds!!! But still, Julian and I rocked to out in "The Middle" and I did both Vocals and Guitar in "Everlong". Wah show off liao show off liao...

After that, we played the all powerful HALO3. Ganesh, once again died in an incredible timing of 10 seconds. There was a part when Jacob was shooting Ganesh with a Turret and all of a sudden, Ganesh let out a girl's scream. All of us fell down in laughter...

This is a video of "The Middle"

Jesus is the only way 8:11 AM

♥Saturday, August 1, 2009
Today, I went with Agus, Nadia, Stefen and Conan to Bowen Secondary School. We had to attend their 5th interact club installation, however, I think Agus, Conan, Stefen and I got more than that...

I did a comparison on the girls in Greendale and Bowen. Sad to say, I think Bowen girls are better. They speak well and dress properly, but maybe that's becoz they're interactors. My favourite part was the dance the interactor girls did... I felt a bit uncomfortable but.... Oh well, I'm turning 16 next year anyway... I turned to my right and Stefen and Conan's mouths were open. When I turned to my left, Agus was.... SMILING!!! It takes a lot of beauty to make Agus smile. HAHA.

After the installation, we talked to a few people. There was a girl called Ritha from Peicai. She's the incoming president for this year. Then, there was this girl called Jane. She's the cousin of some Darryl in 3T1... I told her we'd take care of him if Darryl teased her. She laughed.... She was the only Bowen girl that talked to us.

OKOK! Enough of Bowen girls... This Sunday, I've got tickets to sit in the front row of the festival of praise. THANKS JERRY!!! Alright, that's all....

....... Have I told you about Bowen girls?

Jesus is the only way 1:46 AM

♥Monday, July 27, 2009
A few days ago, Eugene, Caroline, James, Jean, Clarence, Zack and I went for the 2009 Zone Hillsongs concert. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Although we were late and missed the praise segment, the worship was great. Paster Judah Smith was a really great speaker. He talked about Sex, dead people and something about a whole new world.... hahaha. Anyway, we had fun and Hillsongs did 5 encores! Power man!!! Anyway, this is one of my favourite songs

Jesus is the only way 4:28 AM

♥Monday, July 13, 2009
Today, the Sunday gang and I went to White Tangerine. BUT this time, I was prepared. This time, I downloaded a CD full of Michael Jackson songs. Dexter, the waiter and my good friend allowed us to play the music. While the music played, Jeremiah and I did almost all of Jacko's best moves.... Including the 45 degrees slant.

Jesus is the only way 5:07 AM

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